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Welcome aboard!


Please note, this opportunity is currently open for volunteering in Bengaluru only.

We are excited to have you join this ambitious project and deeply appreciate you volunteering your time to make Bengaluru a little better for all. Once you sign up, you will get a link to join a whatsapp group, where we will update you on upcoming audits that will be conducted in our city. If you are new to volunteering we hope this will open a new way to experience your own city, and even find like minded people.

All the personal information collected here will only be used for logistics and communication and not be shared with anyone. We are also happy to provide certificates for participation to any students volunteering from schools or colleges.

Please mark your preference (one or both days)

Thank you for signing up.

You will now receive an email with link to whatsapp group created for volunteers. Kindly check your updates or spam. 

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